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Episode 111: What You Need To Know About Traveling Solo

Estimates place the number of solo RVers at between 20 to 30 percent of all the RVers on the road. In this episode, we talk to a recent solo traveler, a widow who has crisscrossed North America and loves the new lifestyle.

You’ll meet Joette George who, with her Golden Retriever, Brandy, routinely is on the open road for weeks at a time. She shares her experience and offers some great advice for all RVers.

Also this week, we talk about everything from a recent Bigfoot sighting to fun off the beaten path spot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, plus listener questions, tech tips and RV news.

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Mike and Jennifer begin by sharing their recent trip to Mackinac Island.

They Mike talks about that recent Bigfoot sighting, and shares a funny story of his own

This week, Mike and Jennifer will travel to Pennsylvania. On Friday at noon eastern time, they’ll do a Facebook Live report from Fretz RV in Souderton, PA on the Roadtreking Facebook Group.


According to a survey Mike recently did on our Facebook Group, almost 70% of all RVers travel with pets, most often a dog. But one concern many of us have is how to keep our pets secure while traveling, or from bolting outside when we open the door. At a recent Roadtreking gathering, I asked fellow traveler Lisa Gruner for how she manages her dog while on the road.

Lisa shares a simple trick…and another top on how she gets total darkness in her RV.

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  • Mariane is a single listener who wants to get an RV and hit the road and asks Miked and Jennifer for advice.
  • Sue asks about showering in a Roadtrek Class B Roadtrek, specifically about how much room there is.
  • And Allen has a suggestion on keeping dogs safe when outside during hunting season

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This week we talk to solo traveler Joette George, a widow who travels all over North America in here Roadtrek motorhome, accompanied only by her Golden Retriever.

Joette talks about:

  • How she came to be a solo Roadtreker
  • How she came to choose the right RV for her
  • What’s involved in solo travel
  • Security concerns for the solo traveler
  • What her kids and friends thought of her decision
  • What she likes most about the RV lifestyle
  • The places she’s been and her best memories
  • Suggestions for those thinking about solo travel


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Verizon's Steve Van Dinter reports on New Fitness Tech:

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Well as you’ve probably guessed, there’s a gadget for that.

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Ever been curious if you’re pushing yourself hard enough when you do work out? With its built in heart rate monitor, Fitbit Charge 2 continuously checks your pulse and gives you credit for a job well done and a little encouragement when you need to work harder.

It’s easy to keep track of the number of steps you’ve taken in a day by glancing at your wrist. And if you’re not moving enough, you’ll get a gentle reminder from the device.

And no longer will you need to open up an app and select bike ride, versus run, versus working out in the gym. The sensors are smart enough to recognize what you’re doing and record it accordingly.

Getting enough sleep is just as important as making sure you’re moving! And if you wear your Fitbit Charge 2 to bed it’ll keep track of not only how long you sleep but how restless you were as well. Now when you’re groggy on Monday you’ll have a better idea why!

All of this information is easily viewable thanks to Fitbit’s well-designed app. Your device talks to your phone via Bluetooth to relay the information. It also receives from your phone notifications of calls, texts and even calendar appointments.

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By Tom and Patti Burkett

We recently enjoyed a Roadtrek get-together in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan’s upper peninsula.  Our way home took us along Michigan route 28, on the southern shore of Lake Superior, where we passed a colorful metal sign advertising Junkyard Art.  Pulling off into a surprisingly large parking area, we chuckled at a sign that said, ‘Donations welcome but not expected.’  As we sat in the lot getting our bearings, a man driving an ancient tractor rolled past, giving us a wave and a smile.

The man was Tom Lakenen.  Lakenen grew up in a family of construction workers, and in mid-life happily spent his days on the job site and his evenings drinking beer with his friends.  After a few too many years of this, his wife laid down the law—quit drinking or else.  “I needed something to do in my off time if I wasn’t going out drinking,” he says, “so I started bringing home scrap metal from the job and making things.”

His first efforts went into the front yard of his house, and soon drew a warning from the local officials—no signage on residential property.  The pieces were trundled off into the back yard, and a few years later were moved to a larger piece of land down the road.  Tom continued to work, bending, welding, painting and imagining.  He scraped roads through the property and began arranging his work.

Though he never trained as an artist, there’s obvious talent in the clever and fanciful creations on display.  If you’re small, you can climb inside a pink elephant and have a tea party at the table hidden there.  Bigger people can picnic on an industrial size saw blade crafted into a picnic table under a shelter that looks hewn from living trees.  Politics, religion, environmental issues?  None are off limits to Lakenen’s fertile mind.  You’ll laugh, puzzle, ponder, and look twice as you wander along the roads of this drive-through gallery.

We discovered later that this attraction is especially popular with snowmobilers, who are legion in the Michigan winter.  The artist will often build a big bonfire and hand out snacks and hot drinks while visiting with his guests.  The collection continues to grow and change, so no two visits are likely to be the same.  No matter the weather, you can enjoy the Lakenland Sculpture Park west of Marquette, Michigan on route 28.


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