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Here's the show notes for Episode 005 of Roadtreking - The RV Podcast:

BOONDOCKING – Jennifer and I just returned from a four day boondocking getaway in the woods of Northern Michigan. We talk about what it's like out there and what we do when we're off the grid. Heres' a link to some boondocking photos and a story and on the podcast, there's an audio segment in the podcast that we recorder out in the boonies.

LISTENER QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: A listener wants to know whether he's better off touring in a high mileage automobile or a small motorhome. Jennifer and I break it down by the pros and cons and we also discuss the differences between a conversion van and a Class B RV

RV NEWS OF THE WEEK: I give the Farners Almanac long range weather forecasts for the winter by region and we share news on the the fastest growing RV demographic, according to the latest industry sales figure.

TRAVELING TECH TIP: I share an amazing typing shortcut app I use for my Apple MacBook Pro laptop and my home desktop called Text Expander. It lets you quickly type "snippets" of text, whether a full letter or paragraphs or a signature. No more fat fingers. I love it for use while traveling because I can respond to email and write faster and more accurately, keeping data charges down while online via my mobile hotspot.

But here's the deal,.. after I contacted the company,  they gave me five copies that I can give away. So the first five people who contact me and ask for the TextExpander app will get one.

INTERVIEW: We talk with Barb Nolley, of  Mobile Internet Satellite. She tells us just what's involved in using a satellite Internet system for an RV, breaking it down by cost and equipment. She discusses speed and reliability and how to set it up.

RV BUCKET LIST DESTINATION: The Everglades and the Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.

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Show Notes for Episode #4 of RoadtreKing - The RV Lifestyle Podcast:


Halloween camping – The month of October has become a huge month for RV campgrounds around the country. Many host Halloween weekend events aimed at families. People decorate their RVs, there are costume parties and  trick or treating. We visited one such event this weekend and shared some photos at . But check a campground near you for next weekend. Don’t be surprised if it is filled!



Anti-RV town We talk to Jim O’Briant from about yet another town that has passed local regulations aimed at overnighting RVers. Jim tells about one camper rudely awoken by a knock on the door in the middle of the night.





A listener from Florida asked about our experience with the StowAway Cargo Carrier -


Jennifer joins me for her perspective on the pluses and minuses of this storage solution.





There were a rash of RV fires across the country… these events tend to spike in spring and then in the fall, as many are migrating to and from winter destinations. Here a story we did on propane safety with valuable links





The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and new iPads and new Android devices are now being released and lots of people are wondering what to do with their old phones. That’s where online trade-in sites come in. Here’s how you can exchange our old phone for cash so you can buy new ones.


Gazelle is one of the most popular electronics trade in sites, allowing folks top instantly see what their old electronics are worth, actually getting a trade in price on the spot. You pack up the old phone and they send you a check. Couldn’t be easier.


NextWorth offers a similar service, but with a twist. You can check out the value of your trade-in and they’ll also send you a check if you want. But with NextWorth, you can also find a store near you that partners with them where you can actually go in person to do the tradein.


Online retailer Amazon has a very active trade-in service as well, on all sorts of personal electronics.


So does the big box retailer Best Buy. Check out your trade in on their website and take it to a store near you.


And you can do the same with Radio Shack.





The Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming




Yan Seiner, a Roadtreking Reporter  who just also happens to also be a senior project manager with Roadtrek Motorhomes, talks to us about  cold weather and how we need to winterize our RVs.


We also announce a winter campout Yan and I will be hosting in the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan Jan 23-15th. Youre invited! Details at


 I mentioned how when we do camping in the wintertime, we also take along a small ceramic heater. It’s the Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower. It’s 16 inches high, easily stores and really kicks out a lot of heat and we are very happy with it. Here’s a direct link from Amazon. I get a small commission when you buy using that link.




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Show Notes for Episode #3 of Roadtreking - The RV Podcast:

Episode released Oct. 15, 2014


We had an in-depth conversation about free places to stay overnight and how many communities are enacting anti-RV ordinances and regulations aimed at forcing RVers to stay in commercial campgrounds.

I offer up two great resources for free overnight parking and free boondocking

Boondockers Welcome (link on site)

Overnight RV Camping

Last week, we traveled south in our RV for a visit with our son’s family in SW Georgia. We do this several time a year to see the grandkids…and this time. we watched a couple of them play sports. You’ll meet meet two of my grandsons and they’ll tell you yet another reason why RVs  are so handy… even if you don’t camp.

Jennifer stops by to open our books, revealing our out of pocket costs on a typical RV trip.


Listeners ask our experience with our Michelin LTXMS2 tires and, specifically, we talk about how they handle in the snow.


There’s a very tough new anti-RV law on the books in San Diego. Some 250 plus RVers have been hit with stiff fines for parking their RVs near beach access sites over the past couple of weeks.


I talk about weather apps.

You may not know it but most phones today automatically receive emergency weather alerts. Check your phone’s settings and notifications and you’ll see where to set them. It gets emergency alerts, but has to be turned on. Check with your carrier for specifics but when activated, you’ll get warnings automatically as the are issued. The system also sends out Amber alerts and, in dire emergencies, presidential warnings

My favorite weather app is My Radar. It’s a free app for all the major mobile platforms. It displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. For $3.99 you can include weather warnings and alerts, complete with push notifications, to warn you of severe weather in your area.


The Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado


Vanessa Fox,, travels the country in a Roadtrek 170 Popular working from a different city every day. She shares how its working out.



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Award-winning journalist Mike Wendland travels North America in a small motorhome, reporting about the interesting people and places he meets, offering RV and camping tips, tapping into his network of Roadtreking reporters,  reviewing the latest in traveling technology and discovering destinations you'll want to put on your bucket list.

In this episode, podcast resources, info on a bucket list place to see manetees in Florida. how to protect your RV when in winter storage. questions about what to do on rainy days while camping, news of the week and a tech review of a great gadget for staying connected and entertained while traveling.

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Episode 1 - Roadtreking the RV Lifestyle Podcast

Award-winning journalist Mike Wendland travels North America in a small motorhome, reporting about the interesting people and places he meets, offering RV and camping tips, tapping into his network of Roadtreking reporters,  reviewing the latest in traveling technology and discovering destinations you'll want to put on your bucket list.


Today’s show looks at:


  • The most popular destination on the RVers bucket list
  • Tips for couples on how to get along in a small RV
  • Ever thought about fulltiming? We interview Roadtreling Reporter Campskunk on what it takes to be a fulltimer… why it’s not for everybody… how to handle finances, medical needs, shopping and laundry on the road.  This is "must hear" if fulltiming is something you’ve ever considered.
  • Plus reader questions and RV news of the week.



And…of course…your questions and comments and the latest in RV news


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