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RVers sure have a lot of questions. We answer a bunch of them in this edition of the podcast.

When it comes to technology questions, nobody answers them better than Jim and Chris Guld, the Geeks on Tour, a husband-wife team who travel fulltime across North America giving technology seminars to RVers and rallies and campground gatherings all year long.

You’ll hear them in our featured interview this week.

Plus we have a great tech gadget to recommend, an especially beautiful bucket list destination of the week, and news and reader feedback

This episode released on Thanksgiving week 2014 and we have Thanksgiving greetings from our team of Roadtreking Reporters, the great group of talented RVers who join Mike in blogging on the website.


The Mophie Powerstation Duo External 12000 mAh Battery

With more and more USB devices becoming “necessities” for daily life, the powerstation duo was developed to ensure you have enough power to keep them fully charged when you need it most. Charge your phone and tablet together or share a port with a friend in need when outlets aren't an option. You can get eight phone chargings from a single charge to the Mophie.


Florida’s Emerald Coast - Our destination of the week is the Florida Panhandle, and specifically the Emerald Coast, which has perhaps the finest beaches we have found anywhere in America. Here’s a link to Emerald Cost photos and video and a look at a cool wait =to catch bait for fishermen.

Interview of the Week
In our interview with the Geeks on Tour, Jim and Chris Guld talk about the top three questions asked by RVers?

    -What to do about bad campground Wi-Fi?
   - How do RVers handle mail while they are on the road?
    -What’s a good way for RVers to organize and share the photos they take while traveling?
    -Big RV rallies coming up in 2015

Resources and websites mentioned by Jim and Chris Guld:

Geeks on Tour

Good Sam Rally, Phoenix, AZ Feb.26-Mar. 1, 2015

Escapes Escapade Rally, Tucson AZ March 8-13, 2015

Family Motorcoach Association Rally, Pomona, CA March 26-19. 2015

St. Brendan’s Isle Mail Forwarding Service

Picassa Photo software

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In Episode 008, Journalist Mike Wendland offers a look at:
-A new RV about to be debuted on the Ram ProMaster chassis
- Cool flashlight technology perfect for campers on dark and stormy nights
- The phenomenon of workamping, has sees as many as half a million RVers working while they camp in their RVs. What do you need to do to get such a job? How much does it pay? What sort of work is involved? We answer all these questions and more.
- A visit to the Colorado Monument as the bucket list destination of the week. Where to stay and what you;ll see.
Plus, Mike tells us about some pesky bears at Yosemite National Park that are being affixed with GPS collars and a plan by Glacier National Park officials to raise their admission and camping rates for 2015.
And Mike offers a surprise... sharing details on a new RV he and Jennifer are about to get.

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Show Notes for Episode # of RoadtreKing - The RV Lifestyle Podcast:




In this week’s episode of Rodtreking the RV Podcast we talk abut:



·      Attaching a moped or motorcycle to back of Class B RV


·      The largest bee hive fever found was recently removed from an RV


·      The mystery of the dead body found in an RV last spring is getting closer to being solved





We review the Wilson Sleek 4g  cell phone booster





Lynn and Roger Brucker share their top five RV DIY projects





Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky




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Here's the show notes for Episode 006 of Roadtreking - The RV Podcast:
It's underway, the annual migration of the Snowbirds as an estimated 2-5 million RVers  head to the South and Southwest.
We cover lots of other subjects, from vandalism in our national parks to RV fraud to a list of five awesome places you'll want to add to your bucket list for 2015 RV travel.
Our interview with Kevin Broom of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association sheds light on the ins and outs of snowbirding. How do  handle mail? Doctor appointments? A place to stay?
We offer a snowbirding guide.
We talk about a wave of vandalism at several National Parks in the form of so-called "graffiti art." You can be the judge of that.
And we refer to a story in the Edmonton Journal newspaper about a big RV fraud case in Alberta.
I share an amazing typing shortcut app I use for my Apple MacBook Pro laptop and my home desktop called Text Expander. It lets you quickly type “snippets” of text, whether a full letter or paragraphs or a signature. No more fat fingers. I love it for use while traveling because I can respond to email and write faster and more accurately, keeping data charges down while online via my mobile hotspot.
I also review ta great online backup service I use called Backblaze. I trust it for all my photos and videos while I'm out on the road. 
Jennifer and I share our top 5 RV destinations in the awesomely beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I also mentioned a Winter camping trip on schedule for Jan. 23-25, 2015 at Tahquamenon Falls in the UP. If you think you;d like to try winter camping, you're invited to come join us.

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