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Retirement: What Are You Waiting For?
Is retirement all it's cracked up to be?
Yes, a new study says it makes you happier and healthier.
In this episode, we focus on retirement and it's many benefits, particularly retirement and RVing.
We report on a new study that shows surprisingly strong health and happiness benefits from retirement and we fact check it through the real life experience of our audience and listeners.
We hear, in their own words, from several Roadtrekers who talk about reduced stress levels, a profound sense of contentment and the freedom they have to pursue hobbies and travel.
And we get feedback from our Facebook readers, too.
Besides retirement, we also have a Jennifer's Tip of the Week, some Traveling Tech resources and an off-the-beaten path report about a spectacular area near Big Sur in California.
And we answer reader questions about streaming video in the RV, using a 50 amp to 30 amp power adapter and more.
Plus we report on how RVing saves big money over other types of actions.
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In this episode of Roadtreking: The RV Podcast, we interview Rusty Howes of, the premier media outlet of the entire sport.

Rusty explains how:

- RVers have been largely responsible for driving the sport of Pickleball to its huge popularity

- How anyone can play

- Why the sport is addicting for so many RVers

- How people are actively playing the sport well into their eighties and even nineties

In other topics in this Christmas week episode of the podcast, Jennifer shares a tip on how prepared, packaged freeze dried food - survival meals - are a very handy addition to an RV pantry, assuring quality food when its too late or too far to stock up at the supermarket.

We offer suggestions to a listener looking for an affordable folding bed that fits across the front seats of his Roadtrek.

We also have a Traveling Tech Tip about how to easily send your exact location, with turn by turn directions, via an iPhone.

And in out Off the Beaten Path report, a listener shares the joys of driving two-lanes far off the interstates.

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RT66 Why you Need to be in Perry, GA in March

Attend an RV gathering that will teach you more about RVing in three days than most people learn in a lifetime

The Family Motorcoach Association's upcoming gathering in Perry, GA is the kind of event every RVer should attend at least once in their lifetime.
In this episode, Mike talks to Doug Uhlenbrock of the FMCA who describes the seminars and activities available for owners of all sorts of RVs.

But also in this episode, Jennifer shares a tip about a $20 gadget that belongs in every RV, especially if you like to camp and hike in wilderness areas.

We have audience questions and answers about RVng topics and a great traveling technology tip about an app for your smartphone that will let you take photos like a pro.

And Listeners Tm and Patti Burkett check in with another Off-the-Beaten-Path report, this one about the Great Okefenokee Swamp, one of North America’s most unspoiled, fascinating and precious natural resources – the largest, intact, un-fragmented, freshwater and black water wilderness swamp in all of North America.

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It's the time when many RVers start dreaming and planning about the places they'll visit in the coming new year.
For many this year, that means more off-the-grid boondocking wilderness experiences, far from the crowds and in beautiful places where one can be close to nature.
But boondocking poses its own special problems and in this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast, we talk to a full-time RVer who almost exclusively boondocks.
Readers of our RV Travel blog already know of Campskunk. Heck, there's almost a Cult of Campskunk that has arisen as he's shared his adventures and tips with our readers and listeners over the years.
In this episode of the podcast, Campskunk talks about planing the 2016 boondocking travel schedule, noting:
How to insure perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold - during every part of your travel season by fooling his suggested route
What state has the best deal for non-resident campers
How the Internet and some easy research can find you places will majestic views that you will have all to yourself
A new development with Internet satellite connectivity that is perfect for boondockers
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Sometimes, RV dealerships will try to talk you into expensive add on procedures that really aren't needed.

Indeed, one of their top profit makers is convincing new owners into buying very expensive spray-on treatments for the interior or exterior. After an RV dealer asks for Mike's advice on whether he should pay $900 for such a treatment for his new RV, Mike offers much cheaper and very practical advice.

That's one of many topics tacked in episode 64 of the Roadtreking RV Podcast of the , such as:

- Jennifer's Tip of the Week, which is all about attracting hummingbirds to a feeder that attaches to your RV outside window

- A reader who asks what kind of tire pressure monitoring system Mike recommends

- Whether a 20 year old Class B RV can be retrofitted with a a built-in Onan generator

- What is the best way to find a used RV

After answering those listener questions, Mike talks about:

- RV News of the week - the RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY; a new engineering and technology partnership between Roadtrek motorhomes and Europe's Hymer Group; and the continuing battle between advocates and opponents of a new National Park in Maine

-Traveling Technology - Three apps to keep track of gift buying for friends and family

- A Bucket List Destination of the Week: The Caravelle, FL area on Florida's "Forgotten Coast"

- RV Calendar - A Florida gathering of vintage travel trailers that will host an Open House on Dec. 12

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RT63 A Roadtreking Thanksgiving
The people and places that make the RV lifestyle so great
As our U.S. friends celebrate Thanksgiving this week (our Canadian friends celebrated their Thanksgiving a few weeks ago), Jennifer and I reflect back on many of the people we've met and the places and adventures we've shared this past year.
We've been on the road more than half of 2015 and it's been a year of great opportunities.
But at the heart of the small those lifestyle are the people we have met, other RVers who quickly;y become family.
We hear from many of them this week. Some are Roadtreking Reporters from our blog, others are moderators on our very active Roadtreking Facebook group. As they share their Thanksgiving greetings, Jennifer and I tell a little about them - and why we are so grateful to have them in our lives.
Also in this episode we:
- Report the RV News of the Week - including a controversial plan by Yellowstone National Park officials to slaughter up to 1,000 bison this winter
- Share three apps that will help you fall and stay asleep
- Hear listeners Tom and Patti Burkett report on interesting off the beaten path places to visit in the American Northeast.
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In this episode we tackle the always controversial question of whether propane should be left on or turned off while driving your RV.
Two experts, Gary Bunzer of rvdoctor,com and Mark Polk of help Mike clarify the issue by explaining just what's involved. Mike discusses:
- What the industry and top experts all recommend about propane use while driving
- What most RVers do
- The built in safety features of modern propane systems for RVs
- How much propane is needed for combustion
How to keep your refrigerator cold while driving if the propane is off
Also in this episode Mike discusses:
-Resources for restoring a vintage RV
-Where to find two popular accessories for an RV bathroom that most RV manufacturers don't include
-Apps for traveling RVers
RV News stories of the week that you need to know about
- A great Florida bucket list destination
and... in the interview segment, Mike talks to WJ Costello, the author of a new detective series about a retired U.S. Marshall who travels the country solving mysteries in his RV.
Do you think you have a book in you? The author shares how you can bypass agents and fussy publishing houses and take your book directly to the marketplace - a perfect career for RVers/
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You don't have to be a fulltimer or go camping for long periods of time to find lots of uses for an RV.
In this episode of the podcast, you meet Kathy and Les, two of our Roadtreking friends who use their RV in lots of different ways - from stealth camping on the streets of New York, to driveway camping at the homes of relatives to hauling her art and craft exhibit to various shows.
This couple, who live in suburban Toledo, also have a condo in Florida and use their RV for leisurely trips to ad from, for day trips around the gulf coast and, sometimes, as their second vehicle.
You'll meet them in this episode in which we also talk about:
- When you need to winterize and when not
- Five books for your off season reading that will get you excited about RV Travel
- Solar accessories that make the outdoor world more efficient, including a solar charging battery system that can power your home or RV for days
- New technology that allows RVs to have the same high end radiant heating systems as luxury homes
- A bucket list drive in Utah that passes some of the most spectacular and diverse geologic features you'll find anywhere on the continent
- Three Traveling Tech apps that et you use your smartphone as a scanner
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RT60 Five Things Every RVer Needs to Know!
Don't set out on another trip without listening to these tips from Mike's special guest Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor.
In fact, this podcast is loaded with tips and suggestions, starting out with seven of Jennifer's Favorite RV Hacks, plus the Farmer's Almanac winter predictions, a great off the beaten path report, some great apps to take on the road with you and the RV Doctor's very practical advice.
Here's Jennier's Tips:
JENNIFER'S TIP OF THE WEEK This week I have a whole bunch of tips. I call them Life Hacks for the RVer…. little things that can make a big difference. I have seven of them, life hacks I’ve either learned myself or been taught by others. 1) Want to quickly freshen up the inside of your RV? Maybe theres a stale smell or it’s ben sitting idle for a while? Tape a dryer sheet over the AC and turn it on for a few minutes. 2) We all have trash cans in our RVs. We also use a plastic bag in those trash receptacles. Put old newspaper at the bottom of your trash can - inside the plastic bag - to absorb food juices that may spill. 3) When you are on the road, where do you keep your dirty laundry? Try keeping a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It will help the clothes smell a lot cleaner than they are. 4) Here’s one we learned from some photo classes. When you are taking a photo of someone - or someone is taking a picture of you - your smile will look a lot more genuine if, instead of just smiling, you also squint your eyes. Try this. It really works! 5) Here’s one Mike learned. If you can’t find any ready kindling wood to start your campfire, use a handful of Doritos. Really. They burn just like kindling and can get a blaze going very fast. 6) Here’s a good tip about rewarming leftover pizza. To keep the crust from getting chewy when you warm it up in the microwave, put a small amount of water in a glass and put it right in there on the carousel with the pizza. 7) When you are on the road and you buy some bananas, you usually need to buy a bunch of for or five of them. Then they all get ripe in a day or so and you end up throwing them away. Next time, wrap the stems where they all connect with plastic wrap. This will keep them fresh for a week or more. Then you just cut the bananas off as needed.

A listener asks about getting a manual to her late model Roadtrek motorhome. Mike notes that all the manuals fro every Roadtrek model going back to 1987, can be found at

In Episode 59 we talked about a gook that lists small town festivals to visit. A listener named Bob shares a fun book called the Geek Atlas, a m=bok listing 128 destinations of technology and science related exhibits and museums. Check it out at

Mike shares three apps to find restaurants Apps to find restaurants and make reservations -

Mike and Jennifer will be attending the Technology and Camping Rally sponsored by Roadtrek International in Kissimmee, FL Nov. 10-13, 2015 - Details at

Five things every RVer Needs to Know
INTERVIEW: Gary Bunzer – The RV Doctor Five things every RVer Must Know! 1. How to check for propane leaks 2. What essential spare part you need to carry for your propane system 3. How to solve battery charging problems 4. How to find and fix water leaks – the number one cause of damage to an RV 5. Two crucial things you need to do before plugging in to shore power Resources Gary recommends for stopping leaks: Equipment Gary says every RVer should have: A volt ohm meter - A Non Contact Proximity Voltage Tester - Complete showboats at

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RT59 Discovering the Fun Stuff the RV Travel Books Don't Know About
We have lots of helpful info in this episode, from finding reliable campground descriptions and reviews to discovering unique places and events that are far off the interstates.

We start out with Jennifer's Tip of the Week, telling us about a laser light projector that can "decorate" our RV with thousands of bright lights that look like we've stung lights all over it

We answer reader questions about how to find the right RV, finding reliable reviews of campgrounds and we share a campground conversation with folks at the Kentucky Horse Park who were celebrating Halloween.

We have traveling tech tips and a bucket list destination of the week, as well.
Our interview is with Donald Vaughn, the co-author os “Amazing Festivals – Hundreds of Hometown Festivals,”

This books lists hundreds of hometown festivals across North America ( It costs only $7 on Amazon.

Don talks about how to find festivals, what are his favorites and which ones are must-visits for RVers.

Complete shortness at

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