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Rivers want to know! RVers have a lot of questions, from keeping bugs out at night, to finding free places to stay and great off the beaten path places to visit.
Mike and Jennifer begin this episode by asking a lot of reader questions, sharing details about the screens they use, how Mike has a special form of emergency communications in his motorhome using amateur radio and how RVers can find a list of speed traps across the U.S.
Camp skunk checks in from New Mexico with a great Off the Beaten Path report on a beautiful campground.
And Mike interviews Charlie Adcock, the President of the Family Motor Coach Association who talks about a great program that lets motorhome users camp overnight across the country and find special help in times of emergency.
Plus we have lots of RV news this week, from a false rumor that Walmart is considering a ban on RV parking across the country, to a KOA wokamrping couple in Georgia who turned out to be murder fugitives and the woeful state of disrepair affecting many of our national parks.
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In this episode of Roadtreking: The RV Podcast we have interviews, news, tips and info on what you can do and where you can go in an RV.
We start to with answering lots of questions about RV weight, how much they can weigh, why every little thing needs to be added up and hw much certain things weigh, like water, which weighs just over eight pounds a gallon.
We also talk about the best tires for your RV and how important the right air pressure is.
And we have lots of RV news - about a recall of hundreds of Winnebagp Class B RVs, a wild shootout in the areas of an Arizona Walmart parking lot where RVers park and a lost of the best states in America to retire in.
In a fun interview segment, we talk about the many uses of an RV, from antiquing, to exploring to visiting art shows and we learn about there to get parts for your RV.
In on our off-the-beaten path report, Jennifer and I share a visit to a very unique part of Florida.
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In this week's episode, we share a harrowing tale of survival from a mountaintop hike, answer lots of listener questions and get a prescription from the RV Doctor on getting our RVs ready for Spring.
This week finds Mike and Jennifer on the road in sunny Florida and as they set up the awning and bright the podcasting gear to the picnic table, they answer lots of listener questions on everytig from finding a good stainless steel cleaner to getting a wobbly RV table to quit wobbling.
Mike interviews a young woman who, on a solo he up Pike's Peak, slipped and fell - almost to heredity. Badly hurt and unable to move, she owes her life to what must be the most essential piece f equipment we can take with us on our outdoor adventures.
And Mike interviews Gary Bunzer, known far and wide as he RV doctor, who offers lots of practical advice on getting every part of our RV in tip top shape and ready for spring and the new travel season.
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In this episode we answer lots of reader questions, check out the RV news of the week, offer some tech tips and learn all about the many benefits of having a dash cam in your RV.
Our guest is Dewey Devane, the owner of Windshield Witness, the dash cam Mike uses in his RV to document his travels and capture the beautiful scenery he and Jennifer encounter s they travel North America.
Use of a dash cam revolves on a simple concept: Documentation of your drive, be it across North America or to the corner convenience store.
There are three basic reasons for adding a dash cam:
1) Protection: Accidents are often become a blame game with one driver’s word against another’s. Dash cams offer proof of what happened.
2) Documentation of a trip: When traveling great distances, there are just too many beautiful places and things to stop and photograph. A dash cam provides for a thorough recounting of your journey with high def video.
3) Capturing the unexpected: Entire websites are dedicated to this use of dash cams. The reason is simple – so many things happen so fast for even the most skilled camera quick-draws. Take the Chelyabinsk meteor that was caught flying over Russia last February. Because so many dash cams are used in Russia, plenty of documentation of the event exists. Now, you may not be likely to catch such a visual and impressive event, but then again, maybe you will.
Reports indicate Russia, in fact, has led the way with dash cam use because of the weight the legal system puts on the video evidence, especially when it comes to auto insurance fraud, a particularly problematic issue in the region. But with so many dash cams from Europe making the You Tube rounds, dash cam use has now become a worldwide phenomenon.
Windshied Witness.offers some great benefits:
  - 1 It mounts to the dash/windshield to video capture what happens in front of the vehicle.
    - It records automatically when driving.
   -  It powers on/off with vehicle.
   -  It recycles media (i.e. deletes the boring stuff and, when the little SD memory card fills up, it starts recording over the oldest clip) automatically.
    - It has a G-sensor. This sensor will earmark any video connected with detection of an impact.

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Why You Need a WiFi Network in Your RV and What You Can Do With It!
In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast we hear from listeners all over the world, and we learn how a WiFi Hotspot in our RV can connect us in all sorts of ways.
We talk about:
We talk about:
•    Understanding data plans and the Jetpack (or MiFi) data card
•    Why you need your own WiFi network in your RV
•    Why a dedicated Jertpack may be beter for you than using your smartphone or tablet to set up a hotspot
•    Navigating the world of data plans and finding how much data you really need
•    How you can connect to your sticks and bricks home from your RV to control everything from the garage door to lights and heat
•    What to do about connectivity if you are from Canada traveling to the US
•    What do about connectivity if you’re from the US traveling to Canada or Mexico
-   How you can watch your pets in the RV via your smartpone while your away from the campsite
In addition, we learn about a recall involving some Airstream travel trailers about a potentially dangerous issue with the propane tanks.
We share bucket list destinations and off-the-beaten-path reports and talk about everything from 4x4 RVing vehicles to the first sign of spring - snowplowing in Yellowstone National Park in preparation of opening the auto routes to the park in April.
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