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Why the RV Lifestyle is So Unhealthy for So Many

In this episode, we talk about eating right and exercising on the road and why it is so important. But first we answer lots of listener questions, report the RV news of the week, look at some great traveling technology tips and share a terrific off the beaten path report.

Starting with questions…
Tony, a new user about to take possession of his first RV, has lots of questions, especially about how he can camp year round.

A blog reader named Burt asks about the availability of Diesel, noting that he has heard it is hard to find. We put that idea to rest, even sharing the Road Ninja app ( that lets you quickly find diesel stations around you.

Brenda says she has heard us talk about some bags we use for packing our clothes. We tell her about eBags Packing Cubes ( and direct her to this video Jen did.

And we have an email from Roger who asks about cutting the cord, using one phone for home and one for RVing… what is involved?  We put the question to Verizon Wireless Uber User Paul Ulreich, who gives a couple of options for cutting the ford.

Readers Carole and Ted write: Hi Mike and Jennifer. We tried to book a trip with your Montana Photo Safari in June but by the time we went to register, it was sold out. What other ones do you have coming up.

I share the The Roadtreking Fall Fun and Art Fest, Sept. 24-27 at American RV in Grand Rapids, MI. This promises to be an awesome fun-tilled gathering that coincides with the internationally-acclaimed  Art Prize in Grand Rapids, a city-wide celebration of art that transforms three square miles of downtown into an open air art exhibition that attracts a some of the world’s most talented and eclectic artists.  Buses will run throughout the gathering. There are also casino visits to the nearby Gun Lake Casino and, for those interested, a golf excursion as well. We’ll provide the transportation. Your job is to have fun. There will be nightly entertainment in the campground, technical seminars, food and an on-site micro brewery that operates out of a converted RV.  Register at

Also, Our second annual Roadtreking Upper Peninsula Snowshoeing Winter Campout, at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, January 22-24, 2016

Finally Terry asks Jennifer is she would share some of her favorite recipes for on the road, specifically, what are your favorite meals?  Jennifer talks about her Salsa Chicken and No-Meat Lasgna. She promises to do a video soon.

Motorhome theft ring stole right from dealers. Ringleader convicted -

Family Blames Rental Business for Vacation Nightmare -

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning kills RVer in Wisconsin -

 Severe weather warning apps and services -
We also talk about the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack and all the other connected solutions Verizon has to offer for staying cnnected on the road.
Off The Beaten Path Report:
Valerie tells us about a visit to Monument Valley, Utah, sharing some out of the way roads to travel for some great photos.
Interview: Stephanie and James from the Fit RV
This dynamic young couple are dedicated to helping RVers truly enjoy their traveling lifestyle by developing healthy habits of exercise and fitness through their website, .  They tell us:
o    The RV Lifestyle is terribly unhealthy for so many people
o    While on the road can not eat as if every day is a vacation
o    Walking isn’t enough or a good enough exercise for most people
o    You must exercise 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week. If you don’t sweat, you are NOT working out
o    You need two to three full body sytrength workouts every week
o    You can be healthy and fit and active into your 80s and 90s IF you exercise and eat right
o    What to eat every day to lose weight or keep from gaining weight
o    The perfect exercise equipment to take with you that doesn’t take up much room
o    How to incorporate exercise as part of your RV adventures through active outdoor activities
o    The perfect workout to start your exercise regimen
o    Stop driving every two hours and get out and move around for 10-15 minutes
o    Don’t eat when driving, have snacks only when you stop and snack on healthy things like fruit. Popcorn, unbuttered, isn’t a bad snack!
One of the recommendations we make is a book called Younger Next Year. It shows us how to turn back our biological clocks—how to put off 70% of the normal problems of aging (weakness, sore joints, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury.

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Roadtreking RV Podcast: The Latest Trends Driving the RV Boom
As winter loses its grip over the country, RV season is here and in this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast we talk about the many different trends that are driving the industry and, in particular, why small motorhomes are so hot right now.
We also have a great Off-the-Beaten-Path Report from Billy Cocjhrane this week on a truly unique cemetery he found for us in rural Alabama. And we have lots of RV news, traveling tech tips and reader comments and questions.
Here's the shownotes:
Reader Questions and Comments
Bob, from Maine, asks about undercoating to prevent rust on his Class B RV, particularly in northern states where they use a lot of salt. We recommend a company called Krown for rust proofing at
Listener Mike asks a question about tire pressure on his RV. I share how the suggested pressure for his unit (a Roadtrek 190 on the Chevy chassis) is 50 psi for the front, and 80 0si for the back. All units should have a sticker mounted h=just inside the driver’s side door that list the ratings for tire pressure. Don’t mess with the back one… if it says 80, leave it there as that is calculated based on the weight that an RV carries at the back of the vehicle. The front tire number can be adjusted up to about 65psi. Experiment a bit, in 5 psi increments. Never go below the rating on the door. Generally, the closer you are to that front rating on the door sticker, the smoother the ride will be. Here’s a suggested tire pressure guide for RVers - And here’s one that offers a different approach using the maximum numbers stamped on the sidewall of the tires.
Our friends Chris and Jim Guld - the "Geeks on Tour" couple - commented on our recent podcast episode about the differences between an Android and Apple smartphone or tablet. They noted that while most apps now run on each platform, they often operate very differently. They also invited us to join them in their weekly "What Does This Button Do?"  program seen live  every Sunday at 2 PM EST
RV News of the Week:
Theres a sure sign of Spring - Glacier National Park is starting to open for the new season -
Maybe becuse of the TV servies Breaking Bad but more and more drug dealers seem tousing RVs as their base of operations. In Maryland, police made a pretty big bust involving an RV -
Elgin IL RVers are starting a petition drive to get the city to allow RVs to be kept on private property.
Traveling Tech Tip:
Don’t run out of power for your gadgets while on the road.
Power. We all need more of it.
I used to run out of juice about 4 p.m. most days on my iPhone. About an hour later, the tablet died.
No longer. I carry back up.
That’s because with so many of us using smartphones and tablets all day long and more and more USB devices becoming “necessities” for daily life, the standard batteries that accompany our gadgets just don’t cut it for all-day use.
The Powerstation Duo was developed to ensure you have enough power to keep them fully charged when you need it most. You can charge your phone and tablet together or share a port with a friend in need when outlets aren’t an option. You can get eight phone chargings from a single charge to the Mophie.
It’s the most powerful battery pack on the market, yet it easily fits on a backpack or briefcase. About $129 on Amazon.
I talk about why I always carry the Mophie Powerstation Duo External 12000 mAh Battery.
Off The Beaten Path: Alabama's Coon Dog Cemetery
Roadtreking Reporter Billy Cochrane has a great report from rural Alabama and the Coon Dog Cemetery ( Established in 1937 it is the only such cemetery in the world and has lots of southern culture and tradition behind ot that make a great off the beaten path destination.
Here are some of Billy’s photos taken as he visited the cemetery for the Roadtreking podcast.
Interview: The Trends Driving Today's RV Boom
We stopped by the 27th anniversary celebration at American RV in Grand Rapids, MI last week and had a chance to talk with RV industry leader Chad Neff… top salesconsultant Robert Wenzel and meet some new customers who just ordered a new RV as we were visiting.
We learned:
New trends that are driving the 2015 RV boom
Why the Internet is like a giant RV showroom
Why so many are turning to Class B motorhomes
Why Class B RVs cost so much
How Class B RVs hold their value
How solar and lithium ion batteries are the newest innovations for RVing
What the unique features a Class B RV has that set it apart from the other types of RVs

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More and more RVers are seeking ways to get away from everything, off the grid, boondocking far away from crowds and commercial campgrounds. That's why solar power is such a hot item these days for RVers.


In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast, we talk to Campskunk, our resident fulltimer, who shares his extensive experience with solar power, helping us understand the many benefits of solar and just what it can do for you.




Here are the full shownotes for this week's episode:


First, we handled a series of calls from our podcast audience:


  • Alexis has a small leak in her two year old RV that has tiny pinhole in steel part of the sink. We urge her to take to a service center. May be a leak from the drain that beads up on the sink. At any rate, it should be repairable and under warranty.
  • Dave asks how much water can we take with us boondocking and how much grey and black water storage we have. We share the answers with our Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL: Fresh water capacity – 33 gallons; Black holding tank 10 gallons and Gray holding tank 21 galllons
  • Peter, who is about to be a fulltime RVer. He wanted an RV with a standalone shower. He asks how do you make people work in a Class B with a wet bath. We share our experience.
  • Debbie wants to retire early and be a fulltimer. She shares her love of the mountains and the west. She leaves a very encouraging message as she shares her love of the RV lifestyle
  • Julie asks how we set up and store our bedding at night, whether we leave it up all day or whether we take it up and down each time.


RV News of the Week


Two stories this week about stolen RVs:



Traveling Tech: Apps that let you text and make voice calls free


I share three apps that let you text and make calls with no carrier charges -


Interview: What you need to know about solar power for your RV


Campskunk and I talk about:


  • How solar panels work
  • How you can be energy independent with solar?
  • What to look for in selecting solar panels?
  • How many solar panels you need?
  • How solar works even on cloudy days
  • How solar panels should be installed
  • Why flexible, plastic panels that glue to the roof man not be such a good idea
  • Can solar panels withstand hail?
  • How much does solar cost?
  • How do you clean and maintain solar panels?
  • How Roadtrek is offering a special deal for April 2015 to customers who buy a new unit and want solar. Here's a letter from Roadtrek President Jim Hammill describing it -
  • A good place to get solar installed on older RVs is


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What's the best mobile platform for RVers: Apple or Android?

In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast we tackle a big question affecting many an RVer: What is the best mobile platform for my smartphone and tablet- Apple or Android?

We also offer up a great excuse to go camping this month - International Dark Sky Week, an event aimed at getting people outside and marveling at the night sky.

Plus we have lots of listener feedback, RV News and a great bucket list RV destination.


A listener named Mike advocates for a longer podcast. He loves the hour long format. We're delighted, because we love doing these shows. We tell him how he can find a list of all the Roadtreking RV podcasts we do at

Bob checks in asking for how to find state-by-state camping info. We tell him where to find it, on the blog and our Facebook Group.

Darlene has an older Roadtrek on the Chevrolet chassis and is looking for screens because “mosquitos are coming!” We tell her about the "Skeeter Beaters" window screens at  

Vinnie from Long Island wants to get an RV soon and is offering to be a volunteer driver for those needing a helping hand. We urge him to check with the Family Motor Coach Association at 

Kathy asks about the Windshield Witness camera we use as a dash cam to record our travels, asking if users should hide it at night. I tell her I leave mine in and on all the time, using it as a security camera.


Are National Parks in the Wrong Place?

There’s a lot of grumbling from some conservation groups that America’s National Parks are putting too much emphasis on the wrong animals in the wrong places… neglecting endangered species not as sexy as moose, bear and wolves.

A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds there is a mismatch between the lands incorporated into protected areas and the habitats of the estimated 1,000 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants most in need of protection. Most protected lands are in the West, the authors said, while many of these species are found in the Southeast and the southern Appalachians, which lack adequate protections.

The study calls for increased levels of protection for the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee, Alabama, northern Georgia watersheds, the Florida panhandle and the Florida Keys.

Aluminum battery breakthrough?

Thanks to Darryl Defreeze for passing along this story: There’s an ultra-fast charging aluminium battery that has a lot of people very excited

Stanford University scientists have invented the first high-performance aluminum battery that's fast-charging, long-lasting and inexpensive. Researchers say the new technology offers a safe alternative to many commercial batteries in wide use today.

They are also is fast charging. Smartphone owners know that it can take hours to charge a lithium-ion battery. But the Stanford team reported "unprecedented charging times" of down to one minute with the aluminum prototype.

Read more at:

Get ready for International Dark Sky Week …

This has grown to become a worldwide event and a key component of Global Astronomy Month. Many parks and outsoor areas around the world are holding special events aimed at raising awareness about light pollution and inspiring people to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

In Michigan, the Department of Natural Resources today announced that many Michigan state parks will celebrate International Dark Sky Week (April 13-18) by staying open late for night sky viewing. A total of 29 state parks are participating and will remain open late for this national event, providing stellar night sky viewing opportunities around the state. Some parks also will host astronomy- themed events that focus on the night sky. You can learn more at

Jennifer and I will be going Saturday April 18 at 9PM to the , Lake Hudson Recreation Area (Lenawee County) at the only designated Dark Sky Preserve in southern Michigan for a night of stargazing and stories. For details, contact the park at 517-445-2265. We’ll be camping for the night.


Our main interview is with Paul Ulreich, the Verizon Wireless “Uber User” on choosing between Android and Apple: How RVers can choose the best mobile platform for their travel lifestyle

This segment of the podcast is brought to you by Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

IndyCar season is officially here and Verizon is giving fans another reason to rejoice! The all-new INDYCAR 15 app has arrived just in time for the start of the Verizon IndyCar Series racing season.

Available on iOS and Android devices, IndyCar fans won’t miss any of the action—on or off the track—with the app’s updated features and design.

With the app, all INDYCAR fans (regardless of their wireless carrier) will have access to their favorite teams and drivers, views of real-time leader boards and the ability to view race schedules, results, standings, highlights and more!

But that’s not all! The app puts Verizon customers in the driver’s seat with access to exclusive content, including live in-car camera video streaming, live driver and pit crew conversations, plus INDYCAR radio broadcast streaming.

Get in the action and download the all-new INDYCAR 15 app today!

And, visit for stories about how technology can enhance and improve your life.


Last month, I was a judge in a contest run by USA Today charged with making a list of the top state parks in America. With my four fellow judges, we came up with a list of the Top 20. Then it was up to readers of USA Today to pick the best.

The results are in: New York’s Letchworth State Park was voted America’s Top State Park.

Here's my review from a visit last summer:

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