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Oh the people we meet and the places we're going!

It's been a week after our RV was illegally entered and ransacked by thieves and while still trying to replace equipment and jump through the red tape insurance hoops while on the road, Jennifer and I are still traveling, meeting great people and finding interesting places to see.

This week's episode was recorded in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and introduces you to the area and some of the fellow travelers we encountered on Route 66 heading out this way.

After updating listeners on what's happened since thieves ransacked our RV last week, we find ourselves refreshed by the travel stories we've picked up on our way west.

We encountered a group of Route 66 travelers from Sisters on the Fly, the nation's largest outdoor adventure group for women, where the only rules are "no men, no pets, no kids and be nice!"

We also meet some European travelers on Route 66.

And in our bucket list spotlight, we urge you to visit the The Saguaro National Park near Tucson, AZ.


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Lessons learned when our RV was burglarized and thieves took just about everything we had of value, except our dog.
It happened just across the Mississippi River from Dt. Louis in Collinsville, IL when we stopped for dinner at a restaurant in a busy shopping mall off I-55.
While we were inside eating, at least two thieves somehow gained entry and, in about 5 minutes or so, took more than $12,000 work of electronic gear from our rig - including all of Mike's video cameras, his still camera and most of the mobile podcasting studio gear he had set up in his Roadtrek motorhome.
Police blamed gangs from nearby East St. Louis.
It turns out though, we may have captured and image of one of the thieves who looked to be casing the RV. He can be clearly seen on the dash cam inside the RV peering in the front. Seconds before he walked out of sight, someone entered from the side and was joined by an accomplice. Mike has given the evidence over to police.
We share in this podcast the lessons we have learned and a suspicion that thieves are using technology to transmit radio signals that mimic the worse unlock signals transmitted by key fobs.
e also answer reader questions and share some of what we experienced in tracing Route 66 through Illinois.
Mike and Jennifer react to the break-in and share their plans for the rest of what is supposed to be a six week trip.

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In this episode, we talk about RVing in heavy weather across Tornado Alley and the dangers of camping in bear country

Tornados devastated parts of the country over the past week, including the total destruction of an RV park in Oklahoma. We have reports from the scene. But there are other weather dangers RVers are particularly susceptible to, most notably,  strong, gusty and straight line winds.

Mike hit the record button when I was caught in my RV in such a storm – called a “land hurricane.” And we have a great interview with Mark Polk, of RVEducation 101 who offers us some critically important advice on how to drive your RV and exactly what to do if you find yourself threatened by a dangerous storm.

And we also talk about Bear Safety… there was a tragic and fatal attack on a camper this past week…and some other close calls. We have some vital info you must know if you head out into bear country

We have an interview with a National park Ranger about what to do if a bear gets too close to you.

We talk about videos showing too-close-for-comfort encounters with wild bears.

And in our interview with Mark Polk of, we discuss about dangerous weather and the RV, learning:

How to drive when you suddenly encounter heavy winds

What safety equipment you should consider installing on your motorhome or the towing system for your travel trailer

Why an RV is no match for strong winds

Why you should not stay in the RV when a dangerous storm is approaching.

The most common mistakes RVers make when encountering sever weather

The first question you should ask when checking into an RV park or campground.

In our traveling tech segment, we share info on a great gizmo that turns your smartphone into a set of house keys.

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RT34 Roadtreking RV Podcast: How to Save Money on the Road, Camp Free and Live Well


In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast, we learn from an expert how RV travel does not have to break the bank. Mariane Edwards of the Frugal RV Travel and Boondockers Welcome blog and website, offers up solid advice about finding adventure and fun and wide open spaces that most RVers miss.


We also have news about Walmart parking lot safety, composting toilets, Alaskan travel and advice for traveling with pets.


Billy Cochrane reports on a place called Sky Lake… deep in the Misssippi Delta


Where there is a 1,000 year old Cyprus tree, a carfish museum and a great quilting shop


Mike shares a great app for smartphones and tablets to identify objects in the night sky


In out Interview segment, Marianne Edwards from Boondockers Welcome shares ways to save money and camp free based on her first-hand, personal experience over the past 13 years.


Among other things she helps us understand:


What is boondocking?


What do you really need to boondock?


That almost every RV is set up to boondock by nature


What is the boondocking lifestyle and why is it so appealing to so many?


Who would NOT be suited to boondocking?


How do you find boondocking spots?


What is the best way to save money while traveling in an RV


What about safety?


What’s a Shunpiker?


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