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RT42: How to Choose the Right RV for for you!

10 Reasons why we went with a Class B motorhome

The small motorhome lifestyle may not be right for everyone, but how do you know if it's right for you? We give you 10 reasons.

In this episode of Roadtreking, the RV podcast, Mike and Jennifer Wendland share the top 10 reasons they like their small, Class B motorhome.

There are RVs to fit just about every lifestyle and pocketbook. But to help you come up with the best choice for you and your family, Mike and Jennifer share the reasons they chose a Class B.

They also answer lots of reader questions, on everything from the dangers of roadside debris caused by tire blowouts, to staying connected online.

In traveling tech, Mike offers suggestions on how to set up your own private messaging system at a campground or on the road.

Two listeners send in their Off-the-Beaten-Path reports about things to do and places to see in Maine.

Complete show notes, links and resources can be found at

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RT41 Roadtrteking RV Podcast: More on Energy Independence, Boondocking and Being Off-the-Grid

The joys of boondocking and not having to worry about running out of power thanks to solar and lithium ion batteries

In this episode Mike and Jennifer recap their recent 15-state, 6,000mile two-month long RV trip and how they were energy independent thanks to the power of lithium ion batteries and a rooftop of solar panels.

Mike also revealed some of the details on new packages of lithium ion batteries being offered by Roadtrek on its Class B models as he and Jennifer talked in real use terms about how they were able to stay out longer and see beautiful places because of their system.

The answer lots of reader questions about keeping a RV refrigerator cool on 12v power, finding places to boondocks and camp off-the-grid, and how a music student can keep in touch with his instructor while on an RV road trip.

In traveling technology, Paul Ulreich, the Verizon Wireless "Uber User" shares insight into choosing a headset or earphone system for your smartphone or tablet.

And in an Off-the-Beaten-Path listener report, we learn how to find special places on the Atlantic shoreline for overnight parking.

Links and resources are on the swoons page at

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RT40: Roadtreking RV Podcast: Hitting the Road after the Kids are Gone

In this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast, Reporter Mike Wendland introduces you to the Gypsy Nesters, a couple who went from empty nest to no nest at all by becoming full-time RVers

Mike interviews David and Veronica James, aka The Gypsy Nesters, who share their adventures in traveling in an RV after they sold their home and hit the road once the kids were born.

Also in this episode, Mike is joined by Jennifer, who is n the mend from pneumonia after being hospitalized during their late trip. They answer a reader question about moving to a retirement community for over 55 RVers in the Arizona desert with some commonsense advice.

Plus Mike has RV news of the week and a great bucket list destination - the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Complete shownotes have links and resources mentioned. Available at

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Roadtreking RV Podcast: Boondocking 101

In this episode we talk about what you need to know about boondocking in your RV.

Live from the "Roadtreking Montana Montana Boondocking in the Beartooth Mountains Photo Safari," we discuss the ins and outs of RV boon docking.

We interview RT Campskunk, the Zenmaster of RV boon docking, who tells us the lessons he's learned from six months of fluttering in a small Class B motorhome. most of it off the grid in wilderness areas.

He talks about:

- Black and grey water management 

- Battery conservation

- Camping in the wilderness

- Wildlife precautions

 -How important it is to keep a clean campsite

And, answering a listener question, Mike and Campskunk talk about their experience of test piloting a revolutionary power system for RVs that utilizes lithium batteries.

Mike also interviews a recently retired couple who sold their house one day and the next, took off on what will be a multiyear full-time RV lifestyle.

And in the Bucket List destination of the week, Mike is joined by award winning photographer Merv Coleman to discuss the amazing natural beauty and RV friendly community of Red Lodge, Montana

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RT38: The future of the small motorhome lifestyle

How technology and the passion for wilderness experiences is shaping and enhancing the small motorhome lifestyle

Jim Hammill, President of Roadtrek Motorhomes, talks about on the future of the Class B small motorhome lifestyle.

Also in this episode:

- A controversial idea pushed by some national park officials would require a reservation just t ENTER a park.

- In our Traveling Tech segment we look at new ways to breathe life into your old computer

-And for our bucket list destination of the week a lace that every RVer has to visit at least once – the Grand Canyon.


Judy asks about Traveling with Dogs

Herlinda from Hawaii asks about Nav apps


Will National Parks require a reservation to even enter the park? That’s what sme propose after a traffic mess and that led to a closure of Arches National park in Utah over the Memorial Day weekend 

Another town enacts an anti-RV law – Blasell, NY enacted a law allowing no more than four hours of RV parking on any street in the community 

The Roadtreking Motorsports and Music Weekend – Coming Aug. 14-16 at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn MI.


How to breathe new life into old computer -


The North Rim if the Grand Canyon - What you need to know about visiting and camping around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon http:/


Jim Hammill, President of Roadtrek Motorhomes, on the future of the Class B small motorhome lifestyle

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