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The great thing about living the RV lifestyle is the freedom it affords - and that includes the freedom to hit the open road alone.

It's a trend that - based on anecdotal evidence at least - is growing.

Take Sherry Targum, president, Roadtrek International chapter of the Family Motorcoach Association. She decided long ago to hit the road alone (well, she had some cats, too) and hasn't looked back.

She joins Mike Wendland for episode 46 of the Roadtreking podcast to share what she has learned about successfully solo RVing. Among other things, the discuss:

  • If RVers need to do anything differently than when traveling with a partner
  • How to get used to traveling alone
  • How to travel safely when solo RVing
  • The many ways to still be social while solo RVing

Also in this episode, Jennifer's Tip of the Week on storage, listener questions about solar panels and other RV parts, RV news, an RV destination in Colorado you need on your bucket list, and a lot more!

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RT45: Managing your health care while enjoying the RV Lifestyle

In this edition, we discuss how to enjoy the RV lifestyle without worrying about healthcare while on the road.

But we also have lots more news about RVing, including"

-The story of a wayward black bear with a disctict taste for a certain brand of beer

-An expansion to one of the lovliest campgrounds in Florida

-A massive, multi-million fine against a major RV maker

Plus this week, Jennifer introduces her new Tip of the Week feature.

We have listener questions about boon docking and solar power and a great off the beaten path report from Colorado.

And in our tech tips, we look at an easy way to find streaming video for your RV over wifi.

Complete show notes at

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RT44 Is it time to create "No Campfire" zones in RV Campgrounds?

Wood smoke in overcrowded campgrounds can be hazardous to your health! There's a major new call from a top RV Travel expert to create "No Campfire" zones in RV parks.

Chuck Woodbury, a veteran RV journalist and published of the RV Travel Newsletter is making the call, saying wood smoke in some RV parks is so thick that it can cause coughing, scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, stinging eyes and runny noses. It can worsen asthma, COPD, emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis. Wood smoke can be especially harmful to children.

Woodbury, in this week's interview, says I's time for RV parks to establish "No Campfire" zones and he's drawing lots of support from the RV community.

But before we talk to Chuck, Jennifer and I unwires questions about:

- How to find RV traveling companions

- How to find reviews on campgrounds

- What to do when you become ill while on an RV trip

We also share the latest RV news for the week, offer traveling tech tips and apps and suggest a great bucket list RV destination of there week.

Complete show notes with links to all the resources we suggest can be found at

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RT43 Is Internet Satellite rght for your RV?

Being connected is pretty important for today's RVer. And because of wifi and cellular, it's never been easier. But in those areas where neither is available, only one choice is available - Internet via satellite,

In this episode, Mike Wendland talks about the new satellite Internet system he has with the Zenmaster of full-time RVing - Campskunk.

The two talk about:

What is involved in getting a satellite system for the Internet for your RV?

What are the limitations of satellite Internet?

What sort of connection speeds can you expect?

What costs are involved in equipment?

How much is monthly access?

Also in the episode, Mike is joined by his wife Jennifer, to answer listener questions; he profiles a great off-the-beaten path bucket list destination - Acadia national Park in Maine.

And he shares three photo editing apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Complete show notes are available at

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