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RT50 What's Coming to a Camground Near You

Big changes are sweeping the campground industry

From fiber optic cable for more streaming video and high speed Internet to themed parks that carer to your own camping activities, the parks and campground industry is making lots of changes.

Our guest today is Paul Bambei, of the Association of RV Parks and Campground , who shares with Mike how a busy camping industry is meeting consumer expectations.

But we have lots of other RV news, audience questions, a tip about keeping the sun from heating up your RV, tech tips, news of the week and a great off the beaten path destination that football fans will particularly appreciate.

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Next to our homes, an RV is probably the most expensive purchase we will ever make. Even used RVs come with a steep pricetag.

This week, we offer some very practical advice about shopping for a used RV.

Our guest is Terry Cooper, President of the National RV Inspector's Association. Just as we hire a home inspector before purchasing a house, we can hire RV inspectors to make sure we don't get ripped off or stuck with a used unit with major problems.

This week's show kicks off with Jennifer joining Mike to talk about their recent Motorsports and Music NASCAR gathering with a bunch of other RVers at the Michigan International Speedway.

In this edition of Jennifer's Tip of the Week, she brings you her list of five things NOT to take on an RV trip. Listen up, she can make your travel much easier, efficient and less cluttered.

          A listener named Jeanette asks about driving an RV off pavement, down gravel and dirt roads.

          Don asks about how long batteries can operate air conditioning in hot ans steamy south florida

          And by email, Kathi asks us to share the so-called Tape measure illustration that she can use to convince her husband that now is the time to buy an RV

RV News of the Week:

          Man killed when Kansas storm flips his RV : It was caused by 100 mph straight line winds

          There’s a shortage of Michelin RV tires : It will most likely last for several weeks

          Why it’s important to keep a clean campsite: Bears can smell food up at your campsite to three miles away

Thingamajig of the Week with Paul Ulreich, Verizon's Uber User

Paul Ulreich, Verizon's Uber User, talks about new smartphones from Samnsung.

RV Calendar: Our annual Winter Campout - Jan 22-24 Tahquamenon Falls, MI

Last January we had fun snowshoeing, taking pics of the waterfalls, generally fooling around in the snow, and most importantly disproving the adage that you can't camp in the winter.  We had 14 Roadtrekkers and one car dweller.  I wrote up our weekend on my blog.

The Michigan DNR rangers plowed sites for us.  They even plowed a big space where we could have a community fire.

This coming January, we want to do it again.  There's no real agenda and no plan.  Just show up with your winter gear and have fun.

How it works:

Go to the Michigan DNR website and reserve a spot at Taquamenon SP for the weekend of January 22 - January 24.

Interview: Terry Cooper, National RV Inspectors Association

Terry shares lots of tips about buying a used RV as well as the advantages of using a certified inspector from the National RV Inspectors Association, such as:

          Why low mileage in a used RV is NOT necessarily good news

          What your nose can tell you

          What unseen problems are most often missed by shoppers for a used RV

          How shady people try to take advantage of shoppers

          What parts of an RV most need to be inspected




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RT48 What you need to know about America's Largest RV Show

We have lots of RV news, including what can be learned about the tragic killing of a man at Yellowstone National Park last week by a grizzly bear, plus tips on navigating America's largest RV show.

Among topics this week:

- Jennifer Tip of the Week looks at a great an energy efficient way to stay cool in your RV these hot August nights

-Questions and comments  from listeners about health care on the road, storage solutions,  finding a Class B RV to rent and doing laundry while traveling.

- We report on the lessons learned from the death of a Montana man killed last week at Yellowstone National Park, including two critically important safety issues that every hiker in bear country must now

- Mike shares a great "bear cam" to watch live video of Alaskan Brown Bears as they gorge on salmon

- An update on clean up from a storm that devastated the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

- News of a once-pristine Colorado river closed to recreational use because of a toxic leak

- In our traveling tech segment we look at apps too keep diehard football (and soccer) fans connected while traveling.

- We interview the marketing director of America's largest RV Show in Hershey, PA about what to expect next week when the new 2016 RV models will be introduced to the public for the first time.

- And our Bucket List Destination takes us to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

Complete show notes at

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RT47 How to earn money while living in your RV.

Reader questions, RV News of the week, a traveling tech report, off the beaten path destinations and an interview about how to earn money while living in your RV.

We cover lots of ground in this week's podcast. Jennifer offers up some great tips for keeping the food we bring in our RVs fresh.

Readers ask us about everything from finding a great boon docking spot to making movies with a dash cam. 

Our traveling tech segment looks at waterproof smartphone cases and a system to keep tabs on your pets while away.

In off the beaten path, a reader suggests a great museum to tour before or after a visit to Niagra Falls.

And in our interview of the week, we learn about the Amazon CamperForce program thatchers RVers for seasonal jobs around the country, giving them a free place to stay and a chance to make enough money to pay for their RVing the rest of the year.

For a list of all resources mentioned in this episode, check out our show notes page at

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