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RT55 Where to Go, What to Do and how to Enjoy your RV
From winter RVing, to family reunions, to choosing the right inverter this episode is jam packed with RV news, tips and talk about living the RV Travel lifestyle.
We have some great questions this week from the audience and readers of our blog like how to select the right size inverter for your RV, whether you need 4 x4 or chains on your tires for winter RVing and what is best for your RV to park in your driveway…asphalt or cement.
Plus, RV tips, off the beaten path travel suggestions, and a fun interview with an RVer from the UK we met in Florida who is living the American dream.
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RT54 How Class B Motorhome owners Use their RVs
In this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast, we talk about why the small motorhome lifestyle is so appealing. Mike and Jennifer interview RVers who share the places they go and the things they do.
We also answer reader questions about how to make up a second bed in a Roadtrek using the front seats, and a listener's questions about how Mike and Jennifer choose a place to overnight.
Jennifer has a great tip about how to keep track of expenses on the road.
In our news of the week we talk about a campground that had to be shut down because tourists kept trying to take selfies next to wild bears, as well as other current RV stories from around North America.
And we offer up a great off the beaten path report from southwest Ohio, where listeners found lots of attractions you probably won't find in a guide book.
Plus tech tips and much more.
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RT53 What you need to know to become an RV Snowbird!

Escape the cold and spend the winter in a warm climate in your RV

In this episode we talk about Snowbirding… leaving the cold of the north and spending the winter in a warm climate. We meet the Mallons, a couple that became snowbirds just last year and kept a record of everything, the costs and the challenges and the joys.

Tim and Carol Mallon share what they've learned about being snowbirds, talking about such topics as:

- How to mark out a route for snowbirding

- How to set a snowbirding budget

- How boondocking can save money

- Stretching your food budget by eating local and fresh food

- Why preparing your own food is not only financially sound but is good for you

- You should treat yourselves to night out and a movie on a regular basis

- Take advantage of local museums and parks

Besides our interview with the Mallons, we have the RV News of there week, Jennifer's Tip of the Week, some tech suggestions and a great destination for your RV Travel bucket list. 

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RT52 How to Make Money by Renting Out Your RV


Just as people buy a beachfront condo and rent it out to offset the cost, you can do the same thing with your RV.

This week, we talk to Joel Clark, co-founder of a website called, who says it’s not unusual for RV owners to get as much as $200 a night in rental fees. Clark gives us the ins and outs of renting your RV.

He notes:
-Class B RVs command among the highest rates because of a huge demand for small motorhomes

- Some people make $40,000 a year renting out RVs

- There is more demand than a supply for rental units

- Rental insurance is easy to arrange to keep your investment site

- A few rentals a year can take care of your purchase payments for the year

Also in this episode, we talk about how to find free ebooks for your RV travel reading, a great bucket list destination and a heartwarming RV news story about a lost dog at Yellowstone National Park who was found after 42 days in the wilderness.

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RT51 One Couple's RV Lifestyle: From Paradise to Paradise

How to maximize your RV travels and fight back against the aging process

Lessons learned from a couple who wanted to do more in retirement than just grow old, pus RV News, cool RV destinations, hot traveling tech and what RV events should be on your calendar.

We have so much to cover in this episode:

- How to take your DirectTV satellite programming on the road in your RV

- When a spouse dies, should the surviving spouse keep RVing?

- A great high tech way to keep your RV or your home safe

- Three cool apps to help plan those RV meals

- An off the beaten path report about a fascinating museum in a small Georgia

- And an interview with Carl and Bobbi Braun, two Hawaii residents who refused to grow old watching the waves roll in and instead bought an RV to travel North America - from the Paradise of Hawaii to the Paradise of Florida and North America's greatest sights.

The Brauns offer up tips they've learned from eight years of near fluttering and are an inspiration to all RVers everywhere.

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