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RT59 Discovering the Fun Stuff the RV Travel Books Don't Know About
We have lots of helpful info in this episode, from finding reliable campground descriptions and reviews to discovering unique places and events that are far off the interstates.

We start out with Jennifer's Tip of the Week, telling us about a laser light projector that can "decorate" our RV with thousands of bright lights that look like we've stung lights all over it

We answer reader questions about how to find the right RV, finding reliable reviews of campgrounds and we share a campground conversation with folks at the Kentucky Horse Park who were celebrating Halloween.

We have traveling tech tips and a bucket list destination of the week, as well.
Our interview is with Donald Vaughn, the co-author os “Amazing Festivals – Hundreds of Hometown Festivals,”

This books lists hundreds of hometown festivals across North America ( It costs only $7 on Amazon.

Don talks about how to find festivals, what are his favorites and which ones are must-visits for RVers.

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In this episode, we answer listener questions about getting mail while on the road by checking in with DakotaPost, a mail forwarding service that will let you check your mail over the Internet or have it delivered to your present location.

We also talk about why so many full-time RVers are making South Dakota their official state of residency.

We learn that South Dakota Residents enjoy:
• No Income Tax

• No Personal Property Tax

• No Inheritance Tax

• No Tangible Tax on Investments

• Low Auto Insurance Rates

Jennifer checks in with a tip about an amazing Internet archive that offers free books, movies and images.

Listener Bob Wahlbrink offers tips on how to keep mice out of your RV when it is in storage.

And we get a great off the beaten path report about a brewery tour in North Carolina.

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Our guest for this episode is Mark Polk, one of the nation's top RV experts, who shares with us how to make our RV driving trips safe.

Mark is the publisher of and in this wide ranging episode he explains:

- Where most RV dangers come from

- How to turn properly,

- How to guard against sway and the push-effect that comes when you are passed by big trucks.

- The rookie mistakes most new RVers make

But also in this episode, we have Jennifer's Tip of the Week about the best cleaning product she's ever found for the RV.

We have RV News, tech tips and news of a great bucket list destination - a winter campout coming in January in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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RT56 The Connected RV and the Future of the Internet
Wait till you hear how you'll be soon using the Internet in your RV.

After lots of interesting reader questions, comments, tips and RV news, we do some visioneering to what's just over the horizon in terms on the Internet and RVing.
Our special guest of Paul Ulreich, the "Uber User" from Verizon Wireless. Paul has been involved in the Internet and cellular technology for two decades and in a wide ranging conversation, he talks with Mike about iOT - the Internet of Things.
Besides looking at what is possible now, the two talk about:
- The Connected RV - How RVers will connect to their home in powerful new ways and how, though apps, they can connect to their RV when out and about
- 5G LTE - So you thought 4G was fast? Wait till you experience 5G, about to be tested for the first time
- Cellular to Satellite Internet broadcasts - Google is already testing this
But before talking with Paul, Mike and Jennifer answer reader questions and share information about:
- How to diagnose and fix a common error problem with RV refrigerators
- How to fix RV window blinds that start to sag
- How Android users can automatically get podcasts like iPhone users do
In Jennifer's Tip of the Week, we learn about ways we can turn those photos we take on the road into postcards and have them printed, with a message, and mailed out, all online
We review bluetooth speakers perfect for RVing and we have an off the beaten path report from Northwestern Michigan, where fall colors are no reaching the spectacular stage
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