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In this week's podcast, you meet a group of hearty winter campers who participated in our annual Winter Campout at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's snow-covered Upper Peninsula this past weekend. I think you'll find their perspective interesting as they share their thoughts around one of our nightly campfires.

Also this week:

Jennifer's Tip of the Week - Boot and Glove Warmers

Lithium-ion powered boot warmers that keep you warm in cold weather

Similarly powered heated gloves

Listener Questions

This week we answer questions about:

  • Our plans to attend and do seminars at the FMCA Family Reunion in Perry, GA March 17-20, 2016
  • Running a space heater in an RV
  • Getting a high pressure LP hose to connect a barbecue to a Roadtrek - available from Maureen at or 800-800-1662

RV News of the Week

Authorities are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing saguaro, prickly pear, and cholla cacti in Saguaro National Park. – Read more

Millenials are forgoing driving – read more

RV Calendar

We’re in the heart of the RV show season, with RV lots of RV shows opening this weekend. For a list of RV Shows, click here

Off the Beaten Path Report - Cincinnati attractions

Off the Beaten Path Reporters Tom and Patti Burkett say if you’re traveling near Cincinnati, be sure to check out the American Sign Museum.

And they have some great Cincinnati chili parlors to recommend and a very unique ice cream brand to sample that is sold thereabouts, as well.

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One of the neatest things about RVing is how it complements so many other hobbies like hiking, kayaking, photography and.... amateur radio.

Yes, amateur radio, or ham radio is it is often called. There's a huge resurgence in the hobby these days with more people participating in the hobby that ever before. Joining me on this week's episode of the podcast are Sean Kutzko and Norm Fusario from the American Radio Relay League. Both love camping and the outdoors and say it's the one sure way to have reliable communications no matter how far off the beaten path the RVer happens to be. But more than that, it is a hobby so rewarding and enjoyable that there should be a spot for it in every RV.

I've been a ham operator since I was a teenager (K8ZRH) and now use it all the time in my RV travels. You can hear the full interview with Sean and Norm at [spp-timestamp time=""] into the podcast. In it they discuss:

  • What is amateur radio?
  • How easy is it to get licensed?
  • What can you do with amateur radio in an RV?
  • What equipment do you need and how expensive is it?

Relevant Links about amateur radio mentioned in the interview:

  • The American Radio Relay League
  • What is Ham Radio Report
  • National Parks on the Air
  • The Family Motorcoach Association Amateur Radio Chapter

Before the interview, we reported on many more topics in this week's episode.

Jennifer's Tip of the Week - The Best Way to Pack Your Clothing

In an RV, space is at a premium. And few things take up more room that suitcases packed with clothes

That’s where eBags Packing Cubes come in so handy. We heard about them from fellow RVers who sang the praises of this very affordable way to pack and carry clothes on an RV trip. Some RVers are so hooked on eBags that they even put them in a suitcase when they do traditional and  airplane travel.

But in an RV, they’re the hands-down best way we’ve found to pack.

I’ve done a video that shows how much you can get into an eBag. A three piece set of the packing cubes costs $19 from Amazon. They come in different colors. Mike uses blue, I use raspberry red (the closest they come to pink). They have a mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilation

We store them in the overhead bins above the bed in the Roadtrek. It keeps everything wrinkle free and compact. They let you “unpack without unpacking” –that is, you can remove the cubes to get at your stuff, but still keep things neat and tidy.

Watch the video we’ll link to in the shownotes fopr this episode to see how much you can get in one. Trust me, in an RV, or on a boat, or if you want to make your suitcase neat, these are what you need.

Listener Questions:

Heating an RV – Is carbon monoxide an issue?

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and deadly gas, produced by the partial combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning deaths each year.

Almost all of today’s RVs come with carbon monoxide monitors. But they can, and do malfunction. Thus,  as a matter of routine, you should test the carbon monoxide detector every time you use the RV If they have batteries, replace them at least once a year, twice if the unit is exposed to extreme cold. A good tip is to change the batteries when when you change clocks for daylight savings time.

Here's a complete report I did for the blog on RVing and Carbon Monoxide -

What is the difference between a Class B RV and a B+?

B+ is a made up category. There really is only Class A, Class C & Class B sometimes they are referred to Type A, Type C & Type B.

Basically, if the RV base vehicle is a van then it is a Class B. If the RV base vehicle is a cutaway chassis then it is a Class C.

So the class B+ motorhome is a hybrid between a class B motorhome and a class C motorhome. These motorhomes are either built on a truck or van chassis. They could include a "cab-over" section, although not many now do so. They have all the same amenities that a class B motorhome has. The bath area is often a bit bigger and many B+ RVs now include walkin shower and often a closed bedroom. Some have slides.

Some units claiming to be a B+ are as long as 30 feet, which really makes them a C. Most of today's B+ motorhomes are around 24, maybe 25 feet long.

RV News of the Week

Ticks carrying Lyme Disease are now in half the states - Lyme disease cases have tripled in the United States over the last 2 decades. The disease now affects around 300,000 Americans each year.

RV Calendar of the Week

This is RV Show Season. Make shares a long list of upcoming shows.

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Internet connectivity for RVers is a must have. In the last year, so much has changed, so many new products have been released and good deals are available from the various companies that we've put together a primer for everything you need to know about staying connected while you're on the road in your RV.

Helping us navigate the many online options for RVers are Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy, also known as the Technomads, publishers of the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center. This couple knows more about staying connected while traveling in an RV than any other source you'll find.

The live, breathe, test, review and compare all the different Internet plans and gear available and in this episode of the podcast, they share with Mike the ins and outs of the Internet and RVing for 2015.

Among other topics, we discuss:

- What cellular company is the best for RVers, offering the most reliable coverage?

- What is the up and coming company that most bears watching?

- How can RVers get unlimited data?

- Do Cell phone boosters really work?

- What's the best antenna for a cellular booster?

- Why is campground Wi-F so bad and what can be done about it?

- How can RVer watch all the streaming video they want without racking up huge data bills?

- What new development in satellite Internet finally makes it a viable option for RVers?

Those are just a few of the questions they answer. Plus we offer a free report that covers, in depth, all the topics Cherie and Chris shared.

Besides that, we also have an Off The Beaten Path trip report, Jennifer's Tip of the Week (about staying warm during campouts in cold weather) and we answer a reader question about apps that let you make travel journal of your RV adventures.

Resources and links available on the show notes page at

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With gas prices low and the National Parks Service celebrating it's 100th anniversary in 2016 with special events, there's never been a better time for RVers to visit a National Park. But what to see? In what order?

We talk about that a lot this week with Rob Bignell, author of a new book called the Best Sights in America's National Parks. Rob offers some bucket list suggestions and shares his favorite sites, as well a suggested trip RVers should take this year.

That's just one of many interesting things in this week's podcast. Topics this week include:

-Sleeping in an RV VS Sleeping in a Hotel Room

-Jennifer's Tip of the Week - Trekking Poles

- Do we have an itinerary for our planned trip out west?

- What's our experience with Roadtrek's solar power and lithium ion batteries?

- What should you know about winter camping in an RV?

- Gas princes are likely to remain the same or drop even lower in 2016, says the AAA

- The "Python Challenge" hunt for giant snakes starts Jan. 16 at the Everglades National Park

- RV Calendar: Lots and lots of RV shows this weekend.

- Off The Beaten Path - Pioneer Village in Nebraska

Complete links, resources and show notes at

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