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With gas prices low and the National Parks Service celebrating it's 100th anniversary in 2016 with special events, there's never been a better time for RVers to visit a National Park. But what to see? In what order?

We talk about that a lot this week with Rob Bignell, author of a new book called the Best Sights in America's National Parks. Rob offers some bucket list suggestions and shares his favorite sites, as well a suggested trip RVers should take this year.

That's just one of many interesting things in this week's podcast. Topics this week include:

-Sleeping in an RV VS Sleeping in a Hotel Room

-Jennifer's Tip of the Week - Trekking Poles

- Do we have an itinerary for our planned trip out west?

- What's our experience with Roadtrek's solar power and lithium ion batteries?

- What should you know about winter camping in an RV?

- Gas princes are likely to remain the same or drop even lower in 2016, says the AAA

- The "Python Challenge" hunt for giant snakes starts Jan. 16 at the Everglades National Park

- RV Calendar: Lots and lots of RV shows this weekend.

- Off The Beaten Path - Pioneer Village in Nebraska

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