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Internet connectivity for RVers is a must have. In the last year, so much has changed, so many new products have been released and good deals are available from the various companies that we've put together a primer for everything you need to know about staying connected while you're on the road in your RV.

Helping us navigate the many online options for RVers are Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy, also known as the Technomads, publishers of the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center. This couple knows more about staying connected while traveling in an RV than any other source you'll find.

The live, breathe, test, review and compare all the different Internet plans and gear available and in this episode of the podcast, they share with Mike the ins and outs of the Internet and RVing for 2015.

Among other topics, we discuss:

- What cellular company is the best for RVers, offering the most reliable coverage?

- What is the up and coming company that most bears watching?

- How can RVers get unlimited data?

- Do Cell phone boosters really work?

- What's the best antenna for a cellular booster?

- Why is campground Wi-F so bad and what can be done about it?

- How can RVer watch all the streaming video they want without racking up huge data bills?

- What new development in satellite Internet finally makes it a viable option for RVers?

Those are just a few of the questions they answer. Plus we offer a free report that covers, in depth, all the topics Cherie and Chris shared.

Besides that, we also have an Off The Beaten Path trip report, Jennifer's Tip of the Week (about staying warm during campouts in cold weather) and we answer a reader question about apps that let you make travel journal of your RV adventures.

Resources and links available on the show notes page at

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