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RT52 How to Make Money by Renting Out Your RV


Just as people buy a beachfront condo and rent it out to offset the cost, you can do the same thing with your RV.

This week, we talk to Joel Clark, co-founder of a website called, who says it’s not unusual for RV owners to get as much as $200 a night in rental fees. Clark gives us the ins and outs of renting your RV.

He notes:
-Class B RVs command among the highest rates because of a huge demand for small motorhomes

- Some people make $40,000 a year renting out RVs

- There is more demand than a supply for rental units

- Rental insurance is easy to arrange to keep your investment site

- A few rentals a year can take care of your purchase payments for the year

Also in this episode, we talk about how to find free ebooks for your RV travel reading, a great bucket list destination and a heartwarming RV news story about a lost dog at Yellowstone National Park who was found after 42 days in the wilderness.

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Mike and Jennifer share what is needed to make 2015 the best RV year yet, reviewing their travels and lessons learned in 2014 with an eye towards what they can do in the New Year as they continue their Roadtreking RV adventure.
Their suggestions:
1) Slow down and look, listen and relax - Don't be in such a rush. You miss too much by always hurrying
2) Take more and better photographs - If you don't have a photo, says, Jennifer, it never happened
3) Eat right and exercise daily - Don't fall into the trap of a perpetual vacation.
4) Learn more about the history of the places you visit - Find the local historian, get the local history book from the library
5) Do more mods and maintenance -  To get the most out of your RV travels, DIY needs to be a priority mantra
Also in this week's episode...
- A great Off The Beaten Path report from Roadtreking Reporter Laura Robinson about a place you'll want to visit
- A question about lightning danger and he RVers and expert advice from Roadtreking Reporter and motorhome engineer Yan Seiner
- A must have tech gadget to document every miles of your travels
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Episode 010 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast is from the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY
This is where all the 2015 RVs, travel trailers, pop-ups and RV accessories are introduced to the industry and RV press.
It is not open to the public but we were there to report on the brand new Roadtrek Zion, a new model built on the Dodge ProMaster chassis.
n this episode, Mike interviews Roadtrek Motorhome President Jim Hammill, who talked about:
The Zion dimensions
The Zion;s solar power and engine generator
The 50 cubic feet of storage
The price of the new unit
It's production schedule and availability
Mike also interviews Steve Fretz, from Fretz RV in Pennsylvania, one of the nation's biggest dealers. Steve talked about:
Industry trends
Changing RV demographics
Why Class B RVs are so popular
The new technology in RVs
The was from Day One. Mike will be covering the show all week.

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Show Notes for Episode # of RoadtreKing - The RV Lifestyle Podcast:




In this week’s episode of Rodtreking the RV Podcast we talk abut:



·      Attaching a moped or motorcycle to back of Class B RV


·      The largest bee hive fever found was recently removed from an RV


·      The mystery of the dead body found in an RV last spring is getting closer to being solved





We review the Wilson Sleek 4g  cell phone booster





Lynn and Roger Brucker share their top five RV DIY projects





Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky




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